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Don’t worry about your laundry and dry cleaners in Lahore. We are just one call away.

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Dry cleaning services in Lahore provide premium quality at reasonable prices, along with various packages and offers.

Experience Relaxation With Your Laundry Needs

We will facilitate you with our pick-up and delivery service for your laundry and dry cleaning needs after just one call

Pick The Suitable Plan For You

We offer weekly, monthly, and exclusive packages tailored to your requirements. To select the most suitable and reasonable package, please contact us

Online Scheduling In Few Clicks

You can also book your online pickup schedule for your special events to save your time

Our Premium Quality

Our experienced quality staff consistently maintain premium quality standards. Additionally, we ensure quality pressing and folding upon delivery.

Our Laundry Service

We’ve been providing laundry services in Lahore since 2019. We are offering both laundry and dry cleaning options to our valued customers. Our laundry service is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs, and our team takes great care to maintain a hygienic environment for your laundry. We Used laundry bags to prevent clothes from bleeding or staining. We abstain from using oil soap and toxic chemicals in our laundry process. Instead, our experts employ premium detergents tailored to your clothes to maintain our quality standards. Our pick-up and delivery service enhance the quality of our dry cleaning service, making it the best option for our customers

Our Dry Cleaning Service

If you are looking for quality dry cleaning services, stay connected with workonic services. We rely on perchloroethylene and various solvents instead of plain water in the dry clean process. Dry clening is different from laundry. We offer blanket dry cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, and dry cleaning for ladies’ fancy garments, with pick-up and delivery services included. Our experienced dry cleaning team uses specific non-toxic chemicals tailored to your items. Wokonic Dry Cleaning Service boasts an experienced team dedicated to providing dry cleaning services in Lahore. You can also order our urgent dry cleaning service in Lahore

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Our Dry Cleaners service in Lahore have offers 

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A better you start with clean clothes

To keep your clothes looking their best and for Shining options, consider our weekly and monthly packages

Use Echo Material

Our non-toxic laundry chemicals and top-quality solvents for dry cleaning enhance the premium look of your stuff

Fast Service

We guarantee fast service at our dry cleaning facility in Lahore, with items returned within 48 hours after pick-up

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You can address all your concerns regarding our dry cleaning service in Lahore with the support of our team


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