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About our Laundry & Dry cleaners service

Workonic services do dry cleaners service in a standardized way. We have an experienced team for implement in dry cleaners service. Our company also provides pick and drop for laundry & dry cleaners services all over Lahore. This staff is doing a good service throughout Lahore for people’s comfort and to popularize the service. The team has previously worked in Nishat’s washing department.

Dry cleaners

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an easier way of laundry services to the people so that they feel relax/comfort about laundry & drycleaners for your garments. For the time being, we started these laundry & dry cleaners services all over Lahore, and we are going to introduce these laundry and dry cleaners services all over Punjab very soon

Importance of dry cleaners

Sometimes our favorite clothes require a dry cleaner. Stains or dirt have been the main reasons for using dry cleaners. Meet with Industrial Wash, dry cleaners in Lahore, more about this technique and thus, keep your garments in good condition.
In the process of dry cleaning we can remove dirt or stains from clothes. You can use the service of dry cleaners for clothes made of acetate fibers, leather, rayon, suede, delicate lace and even special folds or stitches. The liquids used do not contain water and dissolve grease, oils and other types of stains. Therefore, the fibers of the fabrics do not penetrate, which prevents fading or deformation. If we can wash clothes at home and don’t give them to dry cleaners, the clothes will be wasted and faded.
The process of dry cleaners begins with the pretreatment of stains using special substances that are used exclusively in laundries and dry cleaners department.
Then, it begins with the penetration of stains with special supplies to remove them. The process is similar to washing with water, the difference is that in this case the garments are placed in a large washing machine and dry cleaners do it professionally. During the process of dry clean, special liquids are filtered. Finally, the clothes are placed in a special machine for drying. This technique makes the spots disappear completely. Delivery time will depend on the volume of garments that have been washed.
Workonic services is the online dry cleaners service which was established in 2019. We have a team of experts who can follow all the instructions mentioned on the clothes for dry cleaners. In this way, you will be able to observe the washing instructions. Thus allowing a proper washing technique in dry cleaners field.
Sort the garments according to the type of fabric, the color and the degree of soiling.
Take the garments to dry cleaners specialists.
Finally, it is recommended to use dry cleaners on fabrics such as rayon or polyester. For two-piece suits, dry cleaners professionals advise getting it washed right away, even though I only have one stain.
Remember that dry cleaned garments need to be kept away from some substances used in the home, such as perfumes, lotions, deodorants or antiperspirants, as they can damage the dye of the garment. Additionally, silk garments are susceptible to excess sweating which can also discolor the garments. So we provide hygienic dry cleaners service.
If you are looking for a dry cleaners in Lahore ,at Industrial Wash we specialize in sanitary clothing and industrial garments in the field of dry cleaners.

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